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Perks of becoming a Snapask Tutor

Easy money

Just spend half an hour everyday answering questions, and you may earn more than HK$1,000 each month!

Set your own schedule

Install Snapask on your phone and start teaching anytime, anywhere.

Designed for you

Empower students in need, using images, audio and text messages.

Become a Snapask tutor in just 3 steps!


Register online

Click "Register now". Tell us a little bit about yourself and create an account

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Upload your certificates

Simply upload your university student ID card and public exam certificate to begin the screening process. We will process your application in 3-5 working days upon receiving your documents.


Start teaching

Once your application has been approved, we will send you an onboarding email and you can start tutoring!


Meet our tutors

"My schedule is quite packed so I prefer to rest on weekends. Now I can make good use of my time while waiting for class to make some extra pocket money! It buys me more time to relax!"

Year 2 Physics student at CUHK, scored 5** in HKDSE Math and Physics

"I live in Tai Po, spending more than 2 hours travelling to and from HKUST everyday. I can now make use of the commute so I don't feel like I have wasted 2 hours of my life everyday."

Year 3 Mathematics student at HKUST, scored 5** in HKDSE Math

"It is very rewarding to be sharing my own experience and knowledge while making some pocket money at the same time."

Year 3 Sociology student at HKU, scored A in HKALE History and English Literature

More ways Snapask Tutors
can get involved

Help us improve our product!

Share with us your ideas and comments in our workshops and focus groups to create an application that reshapes students' education journey together!

Create practice questions for students

Help us create new content for our students to practice through Snapask's quizzes features.

Contact us to know more

Become a columnist on Snapask Academy

Share with students your personal learning experience and study tips through writing for Snapask Academy.

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How do I apply to be a tutor?

Simply download Snapask, register as a tutor, submit the relevant documents, and we'll review your application right away.

Usually this process takes 5 working days at most. We look for tutors who demonstrate strong performance in certain subjects, and assign them to answer questions only in those subjects. As we receive lots of applications, please ensure relevant materials are included in your registration.

What are the work hours of a Snapask tutor?

Snapask tutors can answer questions whenever they feel like it. There is no strict schedule needed. We want you to enjoy the teaching experience.

How do I get paid as Snapask tutors?

Snapask tutors earn HK$3-7 per question answered.

How do I cash out?

To cash out, simple tap the "Cash Out" button in-app to make the request. Fill in your bank details, and the payment will be transferred to you at the end of the month.

More details will be provided once your tutor application is successful.

Our students are depending on you!

Supplement your income while making a difference to over 40,000 students currently using Snapask in Hong Kong.

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